Material guaranty, production efficiency

Safety, reliability, durability and hygiene are the features that characterize all our products and materials.


The extruded aluminum profiles used for the production of our doors are manufactured by UNI EN ISO 900-2008 certified companies using primary alloy material with EN AW-6060 certification. In addition, the profiles are conforming to the following standards:
  • UNI EN 755-9
    specifying the shape and dimensional tolerances of profiles.
  • UNI EN 755-2
    specifying the mechanical characteristics of profiles.
  • UNI EN 573-3
    specifying the chemical composition and shape limits of the products.

Aluminum sandblasting

The aluminum surface is sandblasted with steel micropellets to ensure surface homogeneity and faultlessness.


The process of aluminum anodic oxidation is carried out in accordance with the specifications of ISO 9001:2008 ensuring top product protection and durability.

Safety glass

Our tempered glass is manufactured in conformity to European Standard UNI EN 12600 that defines the physical characteristics of flat glass panels used for building purposes, based on the amount of impact energy required to break them and on the resulting type of breakage, with the aim to minimize wounds and personal injuries. Tempered glass panes can be mounted in sports facilities, hospitals and schools, provided they are class 1© 2 certified according to standard UNI EN 12600.

Thermal glass tempering

It is the process used to ensure maximum flexural and thermal shock resistance in conformity to standard UNI EN 12150-1 that defines the tolerance values, planarity, edgework, breakage characteristics as well as the physical and mechanical features of flat monolithic safety glass panels used for building purposes.

Reaction-to-fire class

Upon request the door model HEAVY PTL is available with certificate in class 1 (one) reaction-to-fire version, complete with certificate # 284286/RF5709 issued by the laboratory Istituto Giordano SpA.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

The high pressure laminates used for the production of our doors are conforming to European Standard EN 438 and relative classification of performances and fields of application.

Euratom directives

The European Atomic Energy Community draws up internationally applicable operating specifications for the civilian use of atomic energy.
It is the supranational organization of reference for the production and use of equipment in radioactive environments.