Swinging-sliding doors

The innovative door Plana A2 by Connecticut is available also in the swinging-sliding door-leaf version. Thanks to a single rotational movement, it can be opened in both directions. A space-saving solution that ensures perfect functionality in terms of ways of escape or whenever an easy passage for the disabled is required.

The rounded safety corners of door panel and frame, together with the coplanarity of door profile and door panel, make this door ideal for all places where special attention must be paid to hygiene and safety, such as hospitals and other communities.
    ergonomic solutions, fruit of great technological know-how, specially designed for the disabled
    materials and constructions designed for top resistance and durability
    without any grooves or crevices where dirt might accumulate, with non-porous surfaces that can be washed with all kinds of detergents, disinfectants, steam or water jets.
    felt-pen or spray paint marks can be easily removed with a common solvent.
    rounded safety corners with 5 mm radius. With concealed screws
    thanks to a wide range of models, colors and accessories.
    high-quality finishes and materials
    we assist your project manager in finding the most suitable solutions